Tuesday, 25 June 2019

Trump said, "She is not my typing" about a woman accused of sexually assaulting her.

Trump said, "She is not my typing" about a woman accused of sexually assaulting her.

Washington: American President Donald Trump has once again rejected the allegation of sexually assaulted by writer Jean Carroll.  Trump said that she did not exploit her sex, because she's not her type.  Callemist Carol of Alle Magazine accused that in the mid-90's, Trump exploited her in a clothing store dressing room.

 It is worth mentioning that such aromas are being repeated on trump.  Earlier, when two women accused Trupte of having some strange gestures in the past, Trumppaye did not even notice such a figurous woman.

 The woman is lying, I have never met him: Trump

1.  Truppe said in an interview given to The Hill, "Corolla is lying wrong".  The first thing is that it is not my typo, and the other thing that has never happened.

 2.  The US president said, Coroll is utterly wrong.  I do not know anything about it.  It is a fear that people give the statement of this method.  I do not know anything about it.

 3.  Earlier in the interview given to CNN, Kairol said that Trup pushed me to the wall so loud that my head wandered loudly.  I tried to resist the aggressive behavior of Trump in a fitting room in Burgdorf, Goodman St Manhattan.

 4.  Kairol said that the incident happened in late 1995 or early 1996.  Trump asked me to wear a dress, he wanted to buy this dress.  His marriage was with Marla Maples.

 5.  Kairol further said that as he closed the door, my head was badly hit with the wall.  I want to say that women know that I did not stand there.  I became stupid and did not paralyze me.  The reaction was only because this incident was very shocking and I had to face it.

 During the election campaign, Trump was also accused of sexual harassment

 6.  During a presidential campaign campaign in 2016, a woman accused a woman of sexual harassment on Trump.  The woman said that during her trip, Trump had sexually assaulted her.  Trump said about the allegations that the woman was not my first choice.  Visit its Facebook page, you will all know yourself.

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